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About Me

Hi there! My name is Larry Wilson. I am a skilled hardware and software engineer, and I design IoT devices for a living.

I've been an active industry specialist for more than a decade, and I have mastered all the skills that are required to create various IoT solutions.

I can use your project requirements and ideas, and then turn them into a cost-effective hardware/software solution that does the job. Then, I test it thoroughly to ensure that it meets all the requested features and specifications, and that it doesn't conflict with any of the existing IoT apps and solutions.

I design projects that monitor and improve productivity, simplify user/systems interactions, increase profits by analyzing the already available data and giving fact-based suggestions, and more.

Efficient industrial IoT solutions ensure that process quality and safety increases, and that the staff's efficiency is improved.

Healthcare IoT devices help healthcare providers gain time and money. I have built real-time systems which are able to monitor heart rate, measure blood pressure, etc.

The projects can integrate with popular, secure cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Since most IoT devices use the Internet to send the collected data, they are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. I ensure that your new project is safe by encrypting the data through the powerful AES algorithm before sending it, and by utilizing fully secured Internet connections.